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Why a Community Support Line for Sex Workers?

Current and former sex workers are members of the community and deserve our support. Here you can directly access support from current and former sex workers and advocates. You can reach the national community support line at


We answer over 95% of calls and chat immediately and will respond to all requests in 24 hours. 

The Sex Worker Community Support Line (SWCSL) was introduced in 2012 to provide a accessible platform for people who trade sex to contact our peer network for support. Since 2015, the SWCSL has grown from less than 25 calls a week to more than 200. We have provided services and support to individuals and organizations who are seeking to assist members of our community in crisis, assisted in providing crisis counseling, gap housing and transportation for victims of crime and assistance to people who have been released from jail or prison. We are committed to creating an outlet for the provision of hard resources that are sex work supportive, trauma informed and client centric in their application in local communities throughout the USA.

The Sex Worker Community Support Line is dedicated to the welfare of people in the sex trade. Your support helps sex workers in need. 

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